3d scaning system

Medit T-Series Desktop Scanners

Idebtica Medit T500

Medit T-Series Desktop Scanners

Why choose Medit Identica T-series 

1. Superfast scanning
Hardware and software combine to bring your lab the fastest scanner in the dental industry. Medit Identica’s exclusive, flexible multi-die provides all in one scanning to dramatically increase your productivity

2. Extreme reality
Identica T-series captures more details and geometry with higher resolution cameras, merge technology and data processing algorithms

3. Next generation impression scanning
Automatic double sided impression scanning and data alignment provides complete 3D files ready for design. New software tools enable you to combine the impression and plaster stump for more design flexibility, when you make crowns or inlays using impression scans

4. Importing and exporting STL in any scan step
You can use the STL you already have as scan data, such as a diagnostic model or a stock abutment. In addition, if you need occlusal scan data, you can extract it by using the export function.

5. Scanner accuracy is where it all starts in CAD/CAM.
7 micron accuracy: ISO 12836
10 micron accuracy: ANSI/ADA Standard No. 132, VDI 2634

Identica T500

Identica T500 offers a fast scan engine and highly efficient software algorithm. With the high-speed camera and projector, you can scan a full arch in just 12 seconds and eight dies within 19 seconds. Using state-of-the-art blue light scanning technology, Identica T500 is able to capture the highest quality scans with accuracy within <7 microns to ISO 12836. Speed up your workflow by scanning full arch or partials with dies simultaneously- reduce scanning steps

Sharper edges and crisper details from T-series scanners

The 3-axis impression arm of Identica T500 will automatically scan both side of an impression, allowing you to take an auto double-sided impression scan in one step.








Arum 3D Dental Scanner

Arum supplies a premium 3D dental scanner with Stable Scan Stage (SSS) Method that offers numerous added benefits to lab users that go beyond what the other conventional scanners could offer. Arum Dental Scanner is now more precise and faster with 2.0 megapixel cameras and USB 3.0 interface with moving camera and light module to rotate around the center of scanning stage and keeps your models stable while scanning.


+ Stable Scan Stage method
+ High speed scanning system
+ All-in-one scan
+ Articulator compatible
+ Multi-die scanning for models & implants
+ Impression & Pencil mark scanning
+ Accurate & reliable

ARUM Sinter Furnace

Arum supplies sintering furnaces for a wide range of applications and requirements: Models in widely differing versions and sizes are suitable for both small laboratories and large milling centres. They are the ideal complement to any CAD/CAM system. As a user, you can be flexible when choosing your materials, without relying on one particular brand, as all our high-temperature furnaces can be programmed individually.

Our speed sintering furnaces save you valuable production time and shorten the sintering process substantially, depending on the material. Speed programs use less energy and therefore help to protect the environment and reduce your consumption costs

Arum Contact Scanner

The Arum Contact Scanner uses a patented non-cartesian mechanism. Unlike conventional designs, this provides a lightweight and cost-effective structure that enables high-accuracy processing in a compact device. This means that even the smallest lab can accommodate a scanner.
It is based on an innovative but well proven mechanism, providing exceptional accuracy in a compact, lightweight package.


+ Full bridge scanning
+ Abutment scanning pins
+ Implant bridge position measurement
+ Bite impression scanning
+ Wax scanning